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Effective Fat Burning for Energy Will Lower Your Times and Shed Weight

A continuación unas anotaciones de la pagina web:

"For running you need to develop the correct system – the aerobic system. This is the highly efficient system utilizing oxygen, glucose and fat metabolism. The modern analogy is this: each of us is blessed with a hybrid engine, actually millions of hybrid engines at the muscular level. The electric engine is your fat burning aerobic system – highly efficient and can run all day on minimal added fuel. It is resilient to breaking down.

Many of us run too hard and constantly use and replenish the easily accessed glucose tank which can last no more than 90 minutes. When blood glucose levels drop, we crash. Mind and body sense an overwhelming fatigue. Topping off this tank at high levels of exertion is problematic as we do not feel hungry. Blood is being shunted from the gut to the active muscles. Even if you force down calories, it tends to sit in your stomach, or worse, toss back up. To constantly access the deep fat-burning tank you must train correctly.

The good news is that it is all about running easy. For most highly motivated exercisers, the definition of “easy” is not uniform. What level of effort is “easy” to build and utilize the aerobic system? How can you assess this yourself?
The 180 Formula developed by Dr. Phil Maffetone is still the simplest and best method. The transition from mostly fat burning to glucose burning is the Aerobic Threshold (AT) Heart Rate (HR). You do not run above this until you have fully progressed which often takes six to 12 months."

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